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Why your company needs a professionally-designed website

According to the latest data from GlobalWebIndex*, the average global internet user spends nearly seven hours per day using the internet across all devices. In this age of digital consumption, it’s no good having a basic website. You need one that’s well-designed and optimised to make the customer journey as effortless as possible. In just a click, tap or swipe, consumers should be able to find everything they need about your goods or services. A modern website will not only help you appear more professional, approachable and trustworthy – but it will increase your chances of landing more clients and sales too.

* Digital 2022 Global Overview Report, DataReportal

Building better customer experiences around your business goals

Our highly skilled team of WordPress developers and designers create websites for businesses big and small. For service-focused businesses, we can help you market yourself and generate leads through a simple WordPress brochure style website. If you’re looking to sell products online, we’ll use WooCommerce to build you an e-commerce site that you can scale up as your business grows.

Whichever option you choose, you’re guaranteed a website that’s visually appealing, simple to navigate and perfectly optimised across all devices. But we won’t stop there – we’ll make sure people can find you in the first place. Every website we create is carefully optimised for search engines (this is known as SEO), helping you move higher up Google’s search rankings and be visible to a wider audience.

Our web design and development work

Here are some examples of the sophisticated, interactive websites we’ve created for our clients.
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“Thank you so much for making it so easy for us and 
supporting our business"

"We used Saunders Design to create our website and product packaging for our new business. The process ran so smoothly and efficiently! There was never any hassle and the response time is amazing! We will definitely coming back to Saunders Design.”
Rea Patel

Evergreen Pro

Build better digital experiences with
the Saunders Design team

Whether you need an elegant website for your bricks-and-mortar store or want to differentiate 
your service-based business from competitors, we have the skills to make it happen.


No two websites are the same, so the cost of one can completely differ from another. It all depends on what type of website you want and the purpose this will fulfil for you and your customers. Here are some examples of the websites we create:

  • Single web page – ideal for smaller businesses who want to increase their digital presence, showcase their services and offer a point of contact for customers. This is less time-intensive than the other options below.
  • Photography-led site – if you want to tell your brand’s story through high quality imagery, we’ll dedicate significant time to image optimisation and design.
  • Basic e-commerce site – for a small business or boutique company looking to sell several products online, this would be a straightforward website build that enables transactions to be made quickly and easily. As your business grows, we scale up' to 'we can scale up' to add in more functionality such as the features below, as and when you need them.
  • Product heavy e-commerce site – perhaps you're a larger company selling a few hundred products online. You’ll need an online shop with different category pages for product inventory, as well as shipping integration with your stock and links to your specific payment gateway. Other elements we can include are:

    • Affiliate marketing plug-ins
    • Accountancy software tie-ins
    • Pay-per-click (PPC) ad integration
    • Tracking software for abandoned carts

As you can see, there’s a lot more going on in the background of a site like this after its initial setup, which would affect the cost.

If you have a vision of how you’d like your website to look, or a goal you’d like to achieve but don’t know where to start, we can help.

Again, this all depends on the individual requirements of your website. For a brochure style website, you’d be looking between 4-6 weeks, while an e-commerce website is likely to take longer. Of course, these are just estimates and if we’re to work together, we’ll give you a full project timeline in our proposal document with dates for key milestones like design, development and delivery.
We specialise in building bespoke sites using WordPress and WooCommerce, so these are the main platforms we stick to. However, we’d be happy to rebuild your website in either WordPress or WooCommerce, if this is something you’re interested in. Switching your site isn’t as simple as a quick copy and paste job, or drag and drop of a few images. Instead, we’ll use your current layout to rebuild your site from scratch in the new platform. Like with any website build, this takes time and before working together, we’ll set delivery timescales so you know when to expect everything by.
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