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What are the elements of brand identity?

Brand identity refers to the recognisable visual elements, or ingredients, that make your brand, yours. It includes everything from your logo, colour palette and typography to imagery, packaging and print materials. Think of it as your brand DNA. Together, this set of features communicates who you are, what you do and who you’re looking to target. A good way to approach this is to think, “How do we want our ideal customer to perceive us?”

Why your company needs strong brand identity

With countless brands competing for the attention of consumers, a consistent and credible brand identity has the power to make people stop and take action. It’s no good just having a quick logo or tag line worked up. You need to convey your brand’s values so people recognise what you stand for as soon as they see you. We’ll give your brand identity the attention to detail it deserves by taking the time to learn all about your business, your goals and why you’re the best possible choice for consumers. That way, we can develop creative work that truly embodies who you are and where you want to be in the future.
“Thank you so much for making it so easy for us and 
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We used Saunders Design to create our website and product packaging for our new business. The process ran so smoothly and efficiently! There was never any hassle and the response time is amazing! We will definitely coming back to Saunders Design.
Rea Patel

Evergreen Pro

Our brand identity work

Don’t just take our word for it. Here you can find multiple case studies of our brand identity work.
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Express your brand in the best possible
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From refreshing the look and feel of your existing branding to starting from scratch on your 
company’s creative, we’ll set you apart from the rest with an irresistible brand identity.


Your brand is your business. As the first thing your customer sees, it represents who you are and what they can expect from you. Think of some of your own favourite brands. From their logo and colour scheme to their strapline and typefaces, it’s likely you recognise elements of their branding without even trying. It’s because they made a lasting impression and earned your trust. Through our branding service, we’ll give your business a memorable identity, distinguish you from your competitors and entice your audience to use your products or services.
Just like how your business is more than your products and services alone, a brand is more than its logo. The job of a brand is to creatively communicate the overall experience your business offers to customers. This is achieved through a wealth of elements such as colour, graphics, typefaces, copywriting, and of course, a logo. These all work together to form a visually-appealing, consistent brand that appeals to your customer’s emotions and encourages them to engage with you.

Every company has different needs based on their unique goals, so no branding work ever costs the same amount. Our approach is to provide you with a project fee based on your specific requirements. This will factor in costs for the following:

  • Competitor analysis and research
  • Creative concepts and idea generation
  • Execution of concepts and rolling out your choices of colour palettes, logo, graphics etc.
  • Where your branding will be used (channels and marketing materials)
  • Provision of brand guidelines document
  • Rounds of revisions after the work has been delivered
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